Our mission is to take away the daily grind of finance for small to medium sized businesses.
Clients choose us to be their virtual finance team to process and review their monthly performance, create and track and review budgets and cash flows highlighting areas of concern and unnecessary spend.

Lornae & Simon Lowe

BookKeeping Partners

Since founding The Bookkeeping Partners, we have worked with businesses to help take the bookkeeping weight off their shoulders and help their business fly.

When small businesses start out, the founder/owner wears many different hats and one of those hats is often bookkeeper. They get to a point where they are just juggling too many things and this slows growth.

By partnering with The Bookkeeping Partners we have seen businesses really flourish and take things to the next level and see people hiring their first team members, moving from home offices to a professional office and seeing real growth by freeing the owner up to focus on what they're good at.

Lornae Lowe

Lornae has over 20 years bookkeeping experience, in South Africa, London and now New Zealand.

After running a bookkeeping business in London with mainly television companies as clients and a few SME's, the family moved to New Zealand to own a motel.

Lornae loves helping business owners with their systems and processes, making things easier and taking the hassle of bookkeeping off of their shoulders so they can focus on what is important to them.

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